Wowie.  Fall has “fallen” upon us and, man, am I so happy for that! Not only does it mean gorgeous foliage and all things pumpkin but, more importantly, SCHOOL IS BACK IN SESSION! Halleluyer, thank you Lord, they are back with precious teachers and, for a short period of time, I am not breaking up legit fist fights over who ate the last bag of Doritos.  Because that is obviously something to bloody your brother over. 

And now that I have all this “free” time with three-fourths being publicly educated, I’ve decided that it’s time to keep writing.  After having spent over six straight months working on “Carried,” I took the summer off to reflect on that accomplishment. 

Because it was an accomplishment for me.  Will it ever be printed and sold in stores? Probably not.  Will I ever be discovered by some publisher and have book signings in Time Square? Unlikely.  I’m not saying these things because I don’t have confidence in myself.  Well, okay, maybe a little because I’m just me and I have words and I don’t really know how many care about my words so seeing myself on the shelves of Barnes & Noble seems extremely far-fetched but I am okay with that.  I don’t write for a giant paycheck.  I write because I enjoy it.  I write because it feels good to express myself.  I write because some of you tell me you like to read it.  I write because it’s my therapy outlet. 

And now I’m ready to write again, this time about things not so deep as before.  Because, let’s be real, that junk was HEA-VEE!

So, I’m turning to you, my beloved groupies who have either subscribed to my blog or found this via some social media outlet.  Or stumbled upon it and thought, “Who the crap is this crazy chick?”

What should my next book be about? I have some ideas but am curious to know your thoughts.  I think it’s obvious that it has to be about boys.  And maybe parenting.  And how you should just do everything opposite of me. 

But seriously though.  I do think it will be a parenting-type book, obviously not a “what-to-do” but more of a “what-not-to-do.”  I have some ideas for chapters but would love to know your feedback…what do you want to hear about?  Hit me with it.

How I handled something (and likely screwed up)?  How I didn't handle something and just pretended it never happened to avoid dealing with it?  How I plan to handle something very badly (i.e. puberty and pretty girls)?  

You know what I write well.  If left to me, I'll diarrhea all over the cyber pages of the internet and then you'll wish you had told me so ready?…and go!