In the world of social media, Thursdays are known as #thankfulThursday.  I have no idea who invented these themed days but I actually like them.  It forces me to reflect a little more - #motivationMonday, #transformationTuesday, #wellnessWednesday….

So, in honor of #thankfulThursday, I wanted to share some specific things I am personally thankful for: 

*I am thankful I woke up this morning with eyes to see and air to breathe.  I believe we take those things for granted far too often. 

*I am thankful for my four children who are healthy, vibrant little people that have only seen the doctor in recent months for routine check-ups.  And who have many, MANY words with which they feel they need to say ALL.DAY.LONG. 

*I am thankful for income to pay the bills, give to my church and still have a little jingle left to take my boys out for burgers every week.  I recognize that, while we may not have a huge discretionary income, we are well above the global average. 

Now that I’ve established the items with which I show serious gratitude, now I would like to tell you something I’m thankful for that is just icing on the cake…and it’s YOU. 

Because of YOU, my very first book has sold more copies in its first three weeks than the average non-fiction sells in its first YEAR.  Like, wha…?!?!?

I’m not finished.  Not only has it surpassed the national average but it currently has over (40) five-star customer reviews on Amazon.  I’m just…shut the front door, people.  Wow. 

And before you start accusing me of paying people to review, you should know that I have read each and every review (multiple times) and, while many are anonymous, most of the named reviewers I don’t personally know.  Which is even more incredible to me. 

This means two things: 1) many of my own close friends, my fRamily, have probably not even reviewed it and, if you’re reading this and are one of those people, I will find you and 2) “Carried” is literally reaching people through people through people who are loving and reviewing…which just blows my mind. 

I mean, yes, it was my hope that this ultimate story of redemption and hope would be read by those who need it most but I am baffled that it’s actually happening. And I'm learning that reviews are important for many ways, one big one being that Amazon will grab some of the books with the best reviews and throw them into email blasts to their bazillion customers which, in and of itself, is crazy awesome.

Which leads me to this, a challenge, a contest if you will (with a prize!). 

Because I am self-publishing, I have a limited amount of marketing. And, by limited, I mean zero.  It’s all word of mouth.  It’s social media.  It’s through my network.  But, you guys, IT’S WORKING. 

In the first few days of the release of “Carried,” I asked you to read it, review it and share it.  So many of you have done just that.  THANK YOU.  Now I’m going to ask you to do it again…or for the first time.  Either way, here is the challenge.  And, because Amazon has been good to me, each action performed below earns you one entry into a drawing for a $50 Amazon gift card.

*Share “Carried” on your social media platform (FaceBook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.) by copying the Amazon link and pasting into a post.  Within that post, share either 1) your favorite memory of us or 2) your favorite part of the book, highly recommend it to your friends and make sure to TAG ME. Use the hashtag #carryCarried. (1 entry)


*If you haven't already, click the "Subscribe" button to the top and right of this page and subscribe to my blog.   (1 entry)

*For those not on social media, email your contacts a link to the book, sharing why they should download and read it and cc: me on the email. (1 entry)

*Post an Amazon review, using your name so that I know it was you. (1 entry) 

And when I ask you to post a review, I truly want your opinion.  It doesn’t have to be a five-star if you think it’s not worthy of a five-star.  I want to grow as a writer and appreciate your honesty.

There you have it.  My first official give-away.  Because I think this is what authors do. 

You up for the challenge? GO. It ends this Friday at midnight.